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Those who saw it and tried it were impressed. The Rossetta strawberry, a new variety selected in the Metapontino and patented by Nova Siri Genetics, is giving excellent results both in the experimental fields and in the first sales tests. Its peculiarities are three: the earliness, taste and uniformity of maturation even in winter.

Sometimes it is not only important to know the origin and the manufacturer of a particular fruit, but it is also crucial to know the variety used, who and where it has been tried. Was reported by Nicola Tufaro, breeder of Nova Siri Genetics Ltd, who adds: "To do this, among other ways there is participation in fairs like thick Macfrut. It 's the fourth year, in fact, that he sees us exhibitors at the event in Rimini.

"Melissa is the variety that has spread rapidly in all the southern areas of our country. In Campania, 300 hectares of strawberries have been planted with this cultivar for this campaign, representing 30% of the area cultivated in the region".

"Melissa is the variety that has spread rapidly throughout the southern ranges of our country. In Campania, particularly in the distribution areas of the wall and in the Piana del Sele, for this campaign have been created 300 hectares of fragoleti with this cultivar, which represent 30% of the area cultivated in the region. "

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It deals with conduct research, testing and multiplication of new varieties of strawberry.