"Before we can get to certain results, a new variety of strawberry needs at least four years of experimentation - Nicola Tufaro, breeder of Nova Siri Genetics explains to Italiafruit News - With Rossetta, in this sense, we are about to conclude the third year of evidence in Basilicata. The answers we have had so far are very promising ".

Even in this last season, not really favorable from the climatic point of view, Rossetta has indeed confirmed its marked precocity. "You can have a decent productivity starting from early January. The variety then flourishes quite well in the following months - says Tufaro - The fruits tend to have a medium size, they are crunchy, beautiful and very good to eat".

Rossetta can also boast a singular distinctive feature for the winter period: "The fruit is able to mature evenly in the upper part, near the glass. The producer, in practice, has the possibility of picking up a completely red strawberry even in winter".

This year's tests also confirmed Rossetta's good tolerance to the main strawberry pathologies, such as botrytis and powdery mildew. In view of the forthcoming campaign, the Planitalia company plans to begin distributing Rossetta plants to Lucanian producers. "From 2019/20 the variety should be harvested in significant quantities - confirms to Italiafruit News Carmela Suriano, general manager - Fragoliculturists will be able to test its productive characteristics and begin to evaluate the most suitable cultivation techniques".

Source: ItaliaFruitNews