Ad oggi questi test si sono rivelati un successo e i produttori di frutta hanno aumentato considerevolmente la domanda in vista della prossima campagna di ottobre 2019.

To date, these tests have proved to be a success and fruit producers have considerably increased demand in view of the next marketing year of October 2019.

“In a single year the growth of orders has been excellent, reflecting the great prospects of the new varieties of Nova Siri Genetics” says Tomas Román Yagüe, manager of Viveros Carbonero SL.

Varieties such as Melissa, Lipstick, Gioelita and NSG 203 are premium class materials created for producers whose fruit production is directed to distant markets. Thus, the whole process was facilitated by two main characteristics of these varieties, hardness and long post-harvest life.

The varieties of Nova Siri Genetics meet the current demand of the fruit producers sector without competing with each other, having different characteristics of flavor and aroma, shape and hardness of the fruit that facilitate a long life, each responds to a specific sector question.

In the nursery these varieties are rustic plants with much vigour, which allows us to achieve multiplication in more complicated soils for cultivation, turning them into “SUV”.

Viveros Carbonero still devotes 90% of the production of plants to export to Morocco and Europe. "The Nova Siri genetics variety programme seems to be what Huelva fruit producers and other Mediterranean regions need; we are very excited about this new project and we have important expectations for the future".

In addition, its nursery continues to bet on the development of the multiplication in height of the variety of wild strawberries "La Reina de los Valles". This fruit returns to the category of "gourmet fruits" due to the tendency to increase the use of fruit as an accompanying ingredient of Gin tonic combinations, thus increasing its marketing in European markets where it is a highly marketed product.

Fuente: Mercados