Rossetta®, the new Premium Price strawberry launched on the markets in the first days of 2020, seems to be experiencing major successes in agronomic and commercial terms. A few more weeks of harvest and then the experimentation will give space to the planning of the new season. We collected some testimonials from producers, technicians and operators.

Domenico Cuccarese, a strawberry producer from metapontino (Basilicata), explains: "As a first year, I can say that I am very satisfied to have planted just over a hectare. For me, Rossetta® has already passed the test. It is hard to find defects. The first detachments (of the fruits) were already in the first days of January. A cultivar that, in normal climatic conditions, allows us to have even 30 days in advance of other known varieties, and we all know what it means, in economic terms, to arrive on the markets a month in advance".

"Excellent also the commercial performance. Even 0,50-0,60 €/kg more than the cultivar Sabrosa can be obtained. For the 2020/21 campaign I plan to plant about 6 hectares, but this will depend a lot on the availability of plants".

For his part, the agronomist Gianfranco Barletta, comments: "Rossetta® is a cultivar with a strong flair for re-flowering, has a constant size, as well as a texture and a brix degree excellent. I think it is a variety to consider in the areas of Southern Italy. For this campaign, we still have another month of harvest, but there are several producers who are already planning to include it for the next season".

From Campania, Teodoro Talento, Coop. Sole technician, with 10 hectares dedicated to Rossetta® explains: "It is a variety with multiple strengths, as well as being very good to eat. However, at least in our area agronomic techniques must be improved in order to try to optimise production. In any case, as early as next year we will increase the surfaces".

Mirco Zanelli, commercial director of Apofruit, reports: "We test this new variety patented by Nova Siri Genetics, on a total area of one hectare, divided between different producers. Evaluations are under way, but we expect to increase the hectares already next year. However, to date, we do not know in what quantity. Surely it is a cultivar that boasts earliness, constant production, shelf life and brightness".