The performance of strawberries on the markets in this last period has been to say the least fluctuating: March went very badly with prices close to 2 euros per kilogram while in February (the price were) at 3 euros/kg. In April prices have risen slightly, reaching 2,50 euros per kilogram, while the week of Easter recorded peaks up to 4 euros.

Luigi Costanzo, director of the agricultural cooperative Zenatura of Villa Literno, in the province of Caserta, gives to Italiafruit an overview of the trend of the strawberry campaign.

The farm covers ten hectares of cultivation, producing mostly strawberries but also asparagus, melons, green beans and peaches.

We grow only two varieties of strawberries: Melissa which starts in January and the later Sabrina, which starts in early February - continues - both offer us a good mechanical consistency and a great flavor, as well as the best organoleptic properties in relation to our soils. The crops are entirely in greenhouses and so far we are in line with the production of last year, equal to 500 quintals of Melissa and 300-400 quintals of Sabrina.

And on the manpower he adds: We did not have any problems because, having more crops, we created an annual seasonal circuit that always ensures us the right amount of manpower. Perhaps we will have some problems later, when the Sabrina variety goes into full production with the heat and surely we should do double shifts for harvesting.

We sell our products mainly on the markets of Bologna, Florence and Padua, where we already have many clients - says the entrepreneur - and we sort the products from our logistics office in Giugliano. All our packages are processed in the company, we focus on a careful packaging that we can propose in different materials, from paper to cardboard to plastic depending on the needs of our clients. The pandemic has also changed our everyday life but we have adapted with all the necessary precautions, so masks, gloves and the minimum distance of one meter and a half or two meters.

In addition to the packaging with the brand of Zenatura, we also sell a second line called Fragolissima – Costanzo concludes - both lines denote a niche product, grown naturally and without the use of pesticides.

Source: Italiafruit News