In the Mediterranean areas strawberry producers are already at work. Tha land where the seedlings that will produce the strawberries of the 2022 campaign will be placed are being prepared.

The variety choice in the strawberry sector is strategic. Producers choose very carefully the varieties to obtain quality productions during the most favourable market periods, which normally coincide with the Christmas holidays and continue until late spring.

Nova Siri Genetics, a company active in the field of research of new strawberry selections, has been offering Mediterranean producers innovative varieties capable of satisfying new production and market needs for over ten years.

“Our research – says Nicola Tufaro, breeder of the company – is aimed at obtaining cultivars with low chilling requirements, suitable for Mediterranean climates and characterized by rusticity, precocity and productivity. The fruits have good organoleptic characteristics and an excellent shelf-life: an aspect of fundamental importance since the production areas, such as the regions of Southern Italy and Spain, are often very far from the target markets. At the moment nurserymen are multiplying our varieties in Spain and Poland.”.

Nicola Tufaro, breeder of Nova Siri Genetics.

“In the Iberian peninsula, in the Castilla y Leon region in particular, authorized nurserymen, including Viveros California and Viveros Heresma, have created nurseries of the varieties NSG 203 (Marimbella®), NSG 207 (Gioelita®) and NSG 120 (Rossetta®) intended for the strawberry plants that will be built in Huelva”.

Strawberry producers in the Huelva area, which is the most important area of European cultivation of strawberries, have been introducing Nova Siri Genetics selections for a few years. Very appreciated is the new entry variety NSG 203 (Marimbella®), which stood out for its precocity, plant hardiness, productivity and shelf-life. These characteristics make it possible to offer the market a strawberry produced with low environmental impact (organic/integrated) cultivation techniques, starting from the winter months and up to late spring.

Strawberry seedlings being multiplied in Polish nurseries.

For the Italian market NSG 120 (Rossetta®), NSG 203 (Marimbella®), NSG 207 (Gioelita®) and Melissa cultivars nurseries were made by authorized nurseries in Poland and partly in Spain.

Southern Italian producers, in particular those from Campania in the Piana del Sele and Caserta area, have replaced the varieties of the past with Melissa, NSG 203 (Marimbella®) and NSG 207 (Gioelita®). These new selections are grown with organic or integrated techniques and marketed from January to June on the main national and foreign markets. In Basilicata, together with Melissa and NSG 203, producers have successfully introduced NSG 120 (Rossetta®), a variety that stands out for beauty of its fruits, organoleptic characteristics and precocity. In Sicily and Calabria, on the other hand, the demand for the Melissa variety is increasing, more and more appreciated for its rusticity and fruit quality.

Packaging SìBon dedicated to Melissa.

“The interest in our varieties from producers fills us with pride – says Alida Stigliano, marketing and communication manager of Nova Siri Genetics – because it testifies that our research is going in the right direction. The mission we set ourselves is to offer producers innovative solutions, able to overcome the problems related to climate change and the need to abandon the intensive use of plant products. The goal is to offer to the market more and more sustainable and tasty strawberries during every step of the campaign. Our commitment, therefore, extends to the entire supply chain, as demonstrated by our Variety Club project, launched this year and for which we have numerous ideas for the future. The intent is to forge partnerships with the actors of the Mediterranean basin, aimed at facilitating the meeting between supply and demand. This is realized through the orientation in the variety choice for producers, nurserymen and buyers, up to brand policies addressed to the final consumer, so that he has all the tools to appreciate the characteristics of each variety of strawberry that is part of our offer”.

Source: FreshPlaza