Nova Siri Genetics, a breeding company of new strawberry and berries cultivars based in Policoro (Matera), will be present on the virtual platform of Macfrut digital inside 'Vivaismo', the nursery stand. "The Rimini event - explains the company's breeder, Nicola Tufaro - represents the Italian trade fair, which we look every year with great interest, in fact after several editions of participation this is the second year we will be present with a virtual stand on the Macfrut digital platform".

On the profile of Nova Siri Genetics company there will be unpublished content, based on the description of the steady work within the experimental fields and the laboratory of the breeding company. Furthermore it will also be possible to know all the details of the strawberry varieties and the projects the company is involved in.

Trade fairs have always been very important for our business, as they are opportunities for direct meetings with new buyers and customers, especially foreign ones, who are interested in our reality and our varieties. Moreover they allow us to consolidate relationships with those who are already our customers, to whom we can introduce our news and with whom we can foster long-lasting partnerships. We believe that these events are precious opportunities for discussion with competitors and suppliers, fundamental for our field of research, which is always attentive to product and process innovation".

Nova Siri Genetics Laboratory

We learn with enthusiasm that this year at Macfrut there are 800 exhibitors and 9,000 online subscribers, mostly foreign, which demonstrates how this event is an international showcase that we certainly could not miss, given that our business is expanding far beyond national borders. Nurserymen and producers from the main strawberry areas around the world are increasingly interested in obtaining our varieties to be produced exclusively, which confirms how much innovation in this sector is fundamental and strategic for the future ".

Today's Nova Siri Genetics variety offer includes 10 cultivars, with different characteristics, which allow them to adapt to the needs of different production areas, including Southern Italy, Spain, Maghreb regions, Greece, South Africa and South America. "The market towards which we are oriented is that of areas characterized by a Mediterranean and warm climate, suitable for cultivars with low chilling requirements, whose fruit production takes place from December to June. Among the main strawberry varieties we include the new NSG 120 (known under the trade name of Rossetta® and which is part of the Nova Siri Genetics Variety Club), NSG 203 (trade name Marimbella®) and NSG 207 (trade name Gioelita®) , together with the famous variety Melissa ".

Experimental fields

Marimbella®) and NSG 207 (trade name Gioelita®) , together with the famous variety Melissa ". We obtain innovative cultivars of strawberries and berries, focusing the research on some fundamental aspects, such as earliness, fruit quality and plant hardiness to best meet the demand of a constantly evolving market, looking for strawberries that are productive since the first winter months and which have good organoleptic characteristics, such as flavour, aroma, fruit beauty and shelf life. Genetic improvement is fundamental for the strawberry sector and for agriculture in general to face the challenges of the future promoting the satisfaction of the entire supply chain ".

Nova Siri Genetics will also be present on the Fruit Attracion LIVE Connect platform from September 2021 to February 2022. “We will be happy to meet - concludes Tufaro - customers, buyers and all those interested in the International Red Fruit Conference, of which we are official partners, to be held in Huelva on 15 and 16 September.

Source: FreshPlaza