Strawberries are not only one of the most popular fruits in the spring; they are in demand year-round. That's why Nova Siri Genetics' breeding program is focused on varieties that allow growers to extend the harvest period from winter to summer.

Nova Siri Genetics recently patented a new variety: NSG 203 or Marimbella®. The variety is ideal for winter cultivation and is highly valued by strawberry growers in the Mediterranean region for its exceptionally early harvest period and strong plants.

The variety is propagated by nurseries approved by NSG and has already been successfully introduced in the southern Italian regions of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Campania. This strawberry is also grown in other Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain and Morocco.

Strawberry growers use plug plants that are developed during the summer months in the northern Spanish region of Castilla y Leon. After all, the weather and soil conditions there are perfect for obtaining plant material of excellent quality.

Marimbella® was planted in the month of September and already gave the first fruit after about 60 days. Currently, the variety is in full production in all regions of the Mediterranean.

In the picture on the left crates with Marimbella® strawberries. Right, an image of the crops currently growing in the Italian Metapontino area

Currently, the Marimbella® plants are producing a nice crop and have many flowers and fruits. The strawberries are of medium size, bright red, sweet and have an excellent shelf life.

Marimbella® harvests are plentiful, starting in the winter months and continuing well into the spring.

Source: FreshPlaza