Positive numbers for Nova Siri Genetics, the research and experimentation company based in Basilicata (Italy) whose varieties are by now present in all Southern Italy regions, as well as Spain, Morocco and Greece.

“In the main production areas of Southern Italy – explains Carmela Suriano, EMEA General Manager of the company – the varieties Melissa, NSG 203-Marimbella®, NSG 120 -Rossetta® e NSG 207-Gioelita® recorded an increase of 18% compared to the previous campaign, thus going from 800 hectares last season to the current 950. The variety that has seen remarkable interest is Marimbella®, appreciated for its extreme earliness and productivity in the autumn-winter months, which registered an increase of 200%, going from 100 hectares in 2021 to 330 hectares planted this year”.

In particular in Campania, region in which NSG varieties represent 60% of cultivars used by the producers of the Piana del Sele and the Caserta area, Marimbella has grown from 90 to 270 hectares this year.

Maribella field in Caserta. Photo of 22 December, 2021

Entirely positive data are also recorded in Spain, where the trend growth of the Nova Siri Genetics varieties used by Andalusian producers marked 35 millions seedlings sold this year, compared to 20 million in 2020, recording a substantial interest for Gioelita® and Marimbella®.

Marimbella plant in Huelva (Spain)

“It's important for the producers to be able to count on multiple varieties that allow to expand the productive calendar and at the same time guarantee quality and quantity at different times of the year. Each cultivar has its own physiology and it's necessary to choose those suitable for the production area in the different periods. Diversifying production, avoiding production peaks, entails many advantages for the producer, such for example better management of the workforce and the gradual introduction of the product on the market, with better results in economic terms”..

Nova Siri Genetics Laboratory

“Our varieties - continues Suriano – have a low chill requirement, suitable for Mediterranean areas and able to ensure quality production from autumn to summer. The birth and launch on the market of a new cultivar is the result of a research and experimentation activity that has lasted several years. Nova Siri Genetics team, formed by highly qualified staff with a long-lasting experience in the field, is constantly engaged in partnership with the most important players in the Mediterranean strawberry cultivation present throughout the supply chain, from nuerserymen to final distributors. This allows us to understand the evolution of the needs of all the players in the supply chain, which are translated into an innovative and market-oriented variety offer”.

Source: FreshPlaza