"That just ended, has been an issue full of successes. Not only have we been able to establish our brand, but also to launch the two new varieties of strawberries:" Rossetta "and" Gioelita. "At the result of a careful and precise search, we get new cultivars which are then granted to other growers, who then multiply the plants. "

"Rossetta and Gioelita are the result of an important work, as well as an opportunity for various manufacturers around the Mediterranean. Rossetta, called the touch of quality, is a very early variety, with a high brix and a shelf life much long. its production schedule starts from the very first days of January until the end of May. Even other varieties come into production in January, but if we were to make the production amount to a specific date of the month, we can see that with Rossetta, the volumes collected are higher than the others. "

"The Gioelita, ideal for long-distance transport, is instead a variety less early than the Rossetta. It shows a result very hard and with an acceptable degree brix. This is characterized by two distinctive features into production in mid-January ( still in a relatively early period than other varieties) and, between late February and early March, gets a very high peak production. Characteristic determinant for the markets. "

"Although we are in the initial phase of the launch of these new varieties, some manufacturers have wanted to put them at home, believing in their yield and good organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. AMacfrut 2019, several were concerned, especially from Southern Italy, and we also achieved important contacts from the various countries of the Mediterranean basin ".

"At the International Strawberry Symposium of 2020, Nova Siri Genetics will be among the main partners of the event, because we know that the area of ​​research and testing plays a vital role in strawberry cultivation."

Source: FreshPlaza