"Melissa is the variety that has spread rapidly throughout the southern ranges of our country. In Campania, particularly in the distribution areas of the wall and in the Piana del Sele, for this campaign have been created 300 hectares of fragoleti with this cultivar, which represent 30% of the area cultivated in the region. "

Was reported to FreshPlaza is Nicola Tufaro, breeder of Nova Siri Genetics Ltd., the company's research and testing of new plant varieties, located in Nova Siri (Matera), Basilicata. Continued dissemination of the varieties of strawberries, especially Melissa, Charlene and Marisol, all patented in Basilicata companies, in different production areas of the Mediterranean, seeing one of the main production areas Italy, Spain, Morocco and Greece. "The success of Melissa - continues Tufaro - is due to the hardiness of the plant, earliness of production and fruit quality.

Despite the adverse weather conditions recorded in recent months in southern regions, Melissa went into production in the last ten days of December and so far has reached an average of 300 grams per plant. It provides a collection until June, to about 800 grams per plant. "" For the next campaign will be launched on the European market two new promising cultivars. It is Rossetta and Joelita, two varieties evaluated in different production of Italian areal and Spain showed early maturity, excellent production performance and good organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. "The new varieties will be presented in Rimini on the occasion of Macfrut 2019 to be held from 'May 8 to 10 to 2019.

Source: FreshPlaza