It continues with the successful breeding program for strawberry and small fruits started 10 years ago by Nova Siri Genetics, a research and testing of new cultivars based in Basilicata. The company formed by Jose Miguel Arias, the Spanish engineer with long experience in the industry and Nicola Tufaro young geneticist Lucan and has won five protected varieties and two advanced selections that will be introduced on the market in the coming years.

"Time of flowering, fruit quality and hardiness of the plant - said Tufaro - are the characteristics that previlegiamo in our research. The producers of the Mediterranean areas calling of early strawberry cultivars to meet a demand of important market in the winter months: varieties with fruits of the good features organoleptic and hardy plants, capable of producing even in difficult terrain and with sustainable cultivation techniques. " "At the moment - he adds Tufaro - our varieties are in production in many distribution areas of Southern Italy, Spain, Greece and Morocco.

In the areal Italian fragolicoli collecting Melissa, one of the early varieties of Nova Siri Genetics, it is taking place from the end of December. When the quantities produced per plant are around 120 grams and a significant increase in production in the coming weeks. "" In short - he concludes Jose Miguel Arias - will record two advanced selections of our program are expected, which are characterized by high productivity in the months autumn and spring ".

Source: ItaliaFruitNews