Nova Siri Genetics, a research company of New Varieties of Plants, based in Nova Siri Scalo (MT), Basilicata, has patented a new strawberry cultivar named Melissa . "The genetic improvement of strawberry began in 2006 - told FreshPlaza the young geneticist Luke Nicola Tufaro - thanks to my collaboration with two Spanish partners.

Subsequently, in 2010, we formed the Nova Siri Genetics, Italian and Spanish companies. During these years we have 5 patented varieties. Melissa is the result of 10 years of hard work. "The cultivar was obtained with the classical methods of genetic improvement (GMO) at the experimental station of Nova Siri in the Metaponto area suited for the cultivation of strawberries.

"The goal of our breeding program is aimed at obtaining plant material with particular hardiness and adaptability to different environments and cultural practices with low environmental impact." Melissa is a very hardy varieties, early and productive suited to non-fumigated soils and crops integrated and biological. The culivar is notable for its excellent organoleptic characteristics and long shelf life. The fruits are medium large size of orange-red color; the flesh is firm and very aromatic. Melissa is in production in a number of Italian and Spanish production ranges, such as Caserta, Sele plain, Metaponto and Huelva.

Source: Freshplaza