An example of this is the evaluation of these varieties by an important Spanish nurseryman from the province of Segovia who devotes 90% to exports, Tomás Román Yagüe, manager of Viveros Carbonero SL, who comment to us as follows: “in a single, year the growth of the orders has been impressive, reflecting the good prospects of the new varieties of Nova Siri Genetics”.

Gourmet quality and high shelf life are the main characteristics that describe these varieties. They are designed for producers who want to market a gourmet fruit in distant markets, covering a great need in the strawberry sector of the Mediterranean basin.

According to the breeder of Nova Siri Genetics strawberry varieties, Nicola Tufaro, Rossetta is a very early variety and stands out for its quality in terms of flavour, in addition to the long shelf life and high level of productivity: “It offers precocity, taste and uniformity, even in winter, and is giving excellent results both in the tests fields and in the first sales tests”, the breeder observes.

As for Gioelita, it is characterized by entry into production in mid-January, reaching its largest volumes at the beginning of March. " It has a very hard fruit of good degrees Brix", says Nicola Tufaro, referring to this variety.

Despite being in the initial phase of the launch, these materials are well received in the markets, especially in Italy and in other Mediterranean countries, which are based on their performance and on the good organoleptic characteristics of the fruits.

Nova Siri Genetics


• Early
• Uniform colour
• High Brix Grade
• High shelf life
• Productiva.
• Productivity from January to the end of May.


• Ideal for long distance transport
• High hardness of the fruit
• Records a high peak of product at the beginning of March
• Early
• High productivity
• Compact plant facilitating harvesting

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