"I grow strawberries in an area not exactly ideal for this production, that is in Palagianello, in the province of Taranto (Apulia, Italy), where citrus fruits and table grapes are mostly cultivated. And yet, these strawberries, as well as being good and beautiful, are also healthy, precisely because they come from a totally organic farming". This is explained by Carmelo Mansueto, head of the Cosmo-bio field, a farm of about 75 hectares, now in its third generation.

"After the success achieved with some rows, we said that, probably, it was time to increase production and, at the same time, to expand our commercial catalogue, also including organic strawberries. The varieties planted are Melissa, Marisol and Fortuna, whose fruits are marketed both abroad, especially in Belgium and France, both in the national circuits of the Naturasì chain".

"The results obtained in the field are exceptional. The productions seem to grow very well, even if the quantities are limited. I use irrigation water with a high salinity content: this gave me positive results in terms of the hardness of the fruit, perfume, taste and shelf-life, with a strawberry that can be preserved up to 6 days from harvest".

"In my crops there is also an audio system that broadcasts music at 432 Hz for a few hours a day, usually from dawn. This naturally stimulates the growth hormones, thus obtaining a homogeneous flowering, a more stable plant in the fructification and greater resistance to thermal changes".

Source: FreshPlaza.it