There are strawberries that, despite the unfavourable moment for sales, can still be distinguished from the mass at the level of both interest and price positioning. One of these, very few, cases is that of the new “Lucanian” variety Rossetta® - grown on eight hectares by the company Suriano Rocco & Casalnuovo Pasquale and distributed by the Compagnia delle Primizie - that some selected wholesalers of the markets of Bergamo, Padua, Verona, Treviso, Brescia and other Italian structures are yielding fluidly even in these days of coronavirus chaos.

"Rossetta® is always the first strawberry I sell. As soon as it arrives, I plan it without any problems also in these last weeks of calm sales and low average prices - reports to Italiafruit News Federico Fapanni, seller of the wholesaler company Ortobergamo, operating in the fruit and vegetable market of Bergamo - This variety continues to make a difference in our market, always obtaining higher prices than the rest of strawberry because of its exceptional sweetness and crunchiness.

On the marketplace of Brescia the situation is no different. “For some months now, Rossetta has been the preferred variety by our clients, as it has a highest quality both aesthetic and gustative", explains to Italiafruit News Giuseppe Quadri, seller of Garda Frutta. "Until a week ago, the price difference between Rossetta® and Candonga Fragola Top Quality®, another valuable product, was about one euro per kilo. In the current week the strawberry market has been somewhat weighed down and, as a result, the differential has fallen to 0,5-0,8 euros per kilo. But let’s say the customers themselves recognize his superiority”.

From this Tuesday, meanwhile, the lowest temperatures have also arrived in Basilicata. But the effects on the slowdown of harvests are not seen. "The plant of Rossetta® is positioned to produce so much and with continuity - explains Pasquale Casalnuovo in Italiafruit News - The cold of these days does not change anything at the production level, also because the weather forecast for next week indicates a rise in temperatures up to over 30 degrees centigrade”.

On the commercial front we are very happy with the response of the Italian wholesale markets - concludes Casalnuovo - That’s why for the next year we plan to put at full capacity from 30 to 40 hectares of this new variety".

Source: Italiafruit News