Italian strawberry farming can count on companies active in the field of research and experimentation of new innovative cultivars, varieties in line with the needs of producers and the market.

This is the case of Nova Siri Genetics, a Lucanian company that has now patented 6 varieties of strawberry and is now preparing to carry out a chain project, which provides for the diffusion on the Italian market of the new cultivar Rossetta® (NSG 120) with industrial-type schemes and following defined programmes of research, development, production and product entry in the different commercial channels.

“In order to determine the success of a new cultivar, breeding alone is not enough; it is also necessary to put in place management models that allow to avoid overproduction, improving and making recognizable the product offered to the consumer”. This is explained by Alida Stigliano, marketing and communication manager at Nova Siri Genetics, who adds: "An example of this is the model of the Club varietale, widely spread in the apple sector, which allows a perfect vertical integration of the supply chain, from the identification and protection of a new cultivar until the placing of the same on the market. Our idea is to adopt this model also in the strawberry sector, allowing producers to market our varieties and to enhance them with a well identifiable brand”.

The project will start in the 2020/21 campaign, with the realization in Basilicata and Campania of about 130 hectares of strawberry groves of the NSG 120-Rossetta®cultivar. The aim is to plan, in a medium-long term perspective, the diffusion of variety on the Italian market, adapting the supply to the actual demand. All this is necessary to ensure that all the players in the supply chain, and in particular the producers, receive the right remuneration. In addition, numerous marketing and communication activities are planned to promote and differentiate the variety on the market.

"The cultivar NSG 120-Rossetta® - concludes instead Nicola Tufaro, breeder and founder of Nova Siri Genetics - is a cultivar that differs for its taste characteristics, beauty of fruits, precocity and commercial life. It is a variety suitable for Mediterranean climates, like that of southern regions. Rustic and productive, the Rossetta® is able to ensure a production climb from January to June".

Source: FreshPlaza