The strawberry sector is an established reality in many areas of southern Italy. Today the sector also has a research and experimentation company able to offer new strawberry cultivars to producers, meeting the needs of production and the market. It is Nova Siri Genetics, based in Basilicata, which has patented in recent years 10 new varieties of strawberry, including Melissa, Marisol, NSG 120 - Rossetta®, NSG 203 - Marimbella and NSG 207 - Gioelita®, widely diffused in the main strawberry areas of the Mediterranean basin.

The research and experimentation activity is continuous - explains dr. Nicola Tufaro - breeder of the company. Nova Siri Genetics aims to offer producers more varieties of strawberry to meet the demand of the market that now requires this fruit throughout the year.

The identification of a new cultivar requires work that lasts several years between stages in the laboratory and in the field. The varieties are obtained by performing targeted crossings between parental previously selected for their characteristics.

Meristemic apical samplimg for in vitro culture

This phase is followed by the evaluation of the different selections both in the field and in the laboratory to evaluate their health and genetic correspondence and proceed with the subsequent phases of patenting. The characteristics that we prefer in the choice of the selections to be patented are the rusticity, the organoleptic characteristics of the fruits and the shelf life.

Evaluation of new selections

We are currently evaluating in our experimental fields different extra-early selections to ensure the production of strawberries in the winter months, starting from the pre-Christmas period. A very promising selection is being carefully checked in consideration of its extreme precocity and quality of the fruits. The field test was carried out with plant top rooted, planted last September, at the experimental fields of Nova Siri Genetics in Policoro (MT).

New extra-early selection potted

This selection, if it confirms the expectations, can represent a new goal of our company committed to expanding the offer of innovative cultivars for the sector.

Particular of new extra-early selection in potted plant

Given the impossibility of hosting visitors in the presence, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the company has in store for 2021 the organization of virtual tours to make known its experimental fields and the work done within them.