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Short introduction

The relevant characteristics of Melissa cultivar are related to the shelf life, the taste, the hardiness and easy to soil and climate adaptation.


  • Short-day variety
  • Early and very productive
  • Vigorous, it adapts to different types of soils
  • Flowers above the foliage
  • Easy harvesting
  • Stretch your production schedule with late flowering


  • Red-orange color to the entire production cycle
  • Medium-large
  • It keeps caliber for the entire duration of the production phase, despite the high number of fruits on the plant
  • Very consistent pulp
  • High Brix degree
  • Good shelf life


  • Distance transplant on row 25 to 27 cm
  • Working on beds higher and / or transplanting in the most central area to prevent the fruit can reach the ground
  • Period of medium / late transplantation according to the production requirements
  • Necessity of a good ventilation of the tunnel
  • It recommended a balanced nutrition
  • Avoid excess nitrogen and stimulants, which could affect the fruit quality especially at the start of the production season


23 May 2019



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