Nova Siri Genetics was founded in 2005 with the goal of developing a new generation of strawberry plants that could be adapted to new market tendencies, to the needs of farmers and to environment friendly techniques of growing crops.

Being aware of the importance of production with zero residues, we have created a new genetic material in order to obtain tolerance to plagues and diseases. Rustic and vigorous varieties that reduce the needs in fungicides and insecticides to ensure fruit of an excellent quality.

We have our own laboratory, experimental fields and a professional network of farmers in different regions that collaborate with us in production testing as in the growing methods development.

Melissa, Marisol, Margherita and Charlene are our commercial varieties, but we work day by day in order to offer new varieties that can be adapted to our clients needs.  An exclusive service of “varieties to fit your own needs” is now available for you.



• Short day variety
• Early and very productive
• Vigorous variety, adapts to different types of soil
• Flowers above the leaves
• Easy harvesting
• Allows to extend the productive season by its continuous flowering
• Orange red fruit throughout the production cycle
• Medium size – large
• Maintains caliber throughout the season, despite the high number of fruits per plant
• Consistent fruit texture
• High degree of Brix
• Good self-life
• Plantation frame from 25 to 27 cm
• It is advisable to have a high stand and plantation in the most central area to avoid that the fruit can reach the ground
• Medium – late planting period, according to productive needs
• Requires good ventilation of the tunnel
• Balanced fertilizer is recommended
• Avoid excess nitrogen and do not provide stimulants
• Excess nitrogen can change the quality of the fruit, especially at the beginning of the production season

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• Short day variety
• Average precocity
• Medium vigour plant
• Flowers on the same level of the leaves
• Easy harvesting
• High productivity
• Fruit of great caliber, conical and very uniform
• Keeps caliber until the end of the season
• Very uniform red-orange color
• Pulp of medium consistency
• Average Brix Degrees
• Allows early or medium planting
• Maintain an adequate nutritional balance to avoid excess vegetation

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• Short day variety
• Average precocity
• Strong and very rustic
• Fruits outside the leaves
• Easy harvesting
• Tolerant to soil fungus, so it behaves well on second year soils
• Medium to large and very large
• Homogeneous and consistent color throughout the production cycle
• Brix level high
• Excellent self life
• Average planting time
• Avoid excessive use of fertilizers and stimulants to contain plant vigor

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• Short day variety
• Average precocity
• Vigorous and rustic plant
• Flowers above the leaves
• Easy harvesting
• High productivity
• Fruit of medium size and very homogeneous
• Conical shape and bright red color, very persistent flavor and aroma
• Firm and red flesh
• High Brix degrees
• Excellent self life
• Early planting
• A correct nutritional balance helps ensure a homogenous caliber for the entire production cycle

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With a wide knowledge in growing strawberries and motivated by the passion that we feel for this sector, we are working on raspberry and blackberry´s variety development.  We are convinced of being able to offer in a short period of time new materials to complement our present programmes.

Fruit quality, production and respect for the environment remain our priorities, working ahead of law requirements, needs of farmers and the likes of different markets.