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Marimbella strawberry has experienced exponential growht since 2020

December 2, 2022

A Nova Siri Genetic branded variety

Carmela Suriano

“We are experiencing a period of great change in the strawberry sector. The demand is not more seasonal for this fruit, it has become constant for almost the whole year. In recent years the range of varieties had to be segmented in order to offer the producers new solutions to address the market.” So says Carmela Suriano, general manager EMEA of Nsg, breeding company headquartered in Basilicata.

Nsg research offers proper solutions to producers in geographical areas with a warm temeperate climate, typical of the Mediterranean countries and, in general, of the subtropical areas of the planet.

“Since we offer varieties with low cold requirements and suitable for production in autumn, winter and spring month, with which achieve some excellent result under production and commercial aspects, our focus is aimed at mild winters areas.One of the cultivars that responds particularly well to these needs is NSG 203 – Marimbella®️, introduced in Europe in 2019 and awaiting protection in other North African and South American countries. In Italy the new cultivar has experienced exponential growth going from 7 million seedlings distributed in 2020, to 29 million planted this year in the areas of southern Italy, in particular in Basilicata, Campania and Sicily”.

Marimbella® is appreciated both as a fresh plant and as a rooted plant. The first detachments had taken place starting from the first week of November in the areas of the Sele plain (Campania), in the province of Trapani (Sicily) and in the Metapontino area (Basilicata).

Fresh Marimbella plant 40 days after trasnplanting

I punti di forza di Marimbella® sono: scalarità delle produzioni, elevata precocità, qualità dei frutti e vita commerciale. È una cultivar che, nei mesi invernali e nonostante i forti sbalzi termici, vanta calibri medio-grandi, colorazione attraente e omogenea ed elasticità dell’epidermide.

“We are satisfied with the results of NSG research and the contribution that the company is making worldwide to varietal innovation in the strawberry sector”, concludes Suriano.

Source: FreshPlaza