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Satisfactory balance for NSG strawberry varieties and innovations on the way

January 7, 2024
NSG 203 – Marimbella® fruits harvested on January 3rd in Italy

The strawberry cultivars of Nova Siri Genetics (NSG), an Italian berry breeding company, continue their rise in production areas characterized by a Mediterranean climate. In particular, in the southern Italian regions, where strawberry production is concentrated in the winter and spring months, 70 million plants were distributed by nurserymen authorized by the company, with a growth of 7% compared to the last campaign.

“We record a growing demand for our strawberry varieties from producers in southern Italy - states Carmela Suriano, EMEA director of the company - who increasingly appreciate the rusticity, earliness and fruit quality of NSG's patented cultivars. The rusticity of the plants has become a key feature for strawberry growers, given the increase in production in tired soils, under adverse climatic conditions and with strong limitations in the use of phytoiatric products. Precocity and scalarity of production allow to supply the markets as early as the autumn months with a high quality standard in terms of shape, color and organoleptic quality of the fruit."

Carmela Suriano, EMEA NSG director

These aspects are the main strengths of the NSG cultivars which made them successful, leading to an increase in demand in the last three years, which in Italy is 32%. With over 35 million plants distributed for the 2023/24 campaign, which is equivalent to 14% increase over the last campaign, the NSG 203 strawberry variety (marketed under the Marimbella® brand) is most requested cultivar by producers. Used both as a pot plant and as a fresh plant, Marimbella® is already in production in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. Alongside Marimbella®, the NSG 465 - Rossetta® cultivar is growing in the premium segment, recording an increase of 32% compared to 2023.

Fresh NSG 203 – Marimbella® plant in production on January 3rd in Italy.

“The positive results achieved so far – explains Nicola Tufaro, NSG breeder – encourage us to continue our research work, aimed at satisfying the current and future needs of the production and the market. We have other selections in store both in our experimental fields and on trial in those of our partners, which are proving to be promising in bringing further competitive advantages to nurserymen and producers."

NSG breeder

In addition to strawberries, NSG's research is also focused on other berries. The result is the presence, within the research center, of new experimental fields of raspberries and blackberries, in which there are around 1,500 selections, some of which are already proving to be interesting, according to the research company. Again this year, NSG will open the doors of its research and experimentation center for one day in March to show news and details of its activities to all players in the supply chain interested in its activities. The date and program will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Experimental fields of raspberries at the NSG research and experimentation center in Policoro (MT)."