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Nova Siri Genetics strengthens its presence in Huelva after reaching 50 million plants of its strawberries varieties and a growth rate of 34%.

January 15, 2024
Planta fresca de NSG 203 - Marimbella®

Huelva, 15 January 2024 The province of Huelva has become a strategic territory for the company Nova Siri Geneticsspecialized in the research and experimentation of new strawberries and berries varieties. In fact, it is the area of Europe where Nova Siri Genetics' activity is growing the most, having reached 50 million plants of the strawberries varieties grown by the producers companies, in the current 2023-2024 season.

Despite the fact that the area under strawberry cultivation in the province of Huelva has shrunk by 5% this season Nova Siri Genetics has managed to significantly increase its activity, as these 50 million plants represent a growth of 34% compared to the previous 2022-2023 season. 

NSG 2023-Marimbella® variety, NSG 207-Gioelita® and NSG 465-Rossetta® are, in order, the most widespread varieties of Nova Siri Genetics in the province of Huelva. All three are early strawberries varieties that allow growers to anticipate the availability of this fruit in the months of November and December with a quality strawberry exceptional yields in terms of kilograms per hectare. 

In fact, the Marimbella® variety has yields in the province of Huelva of more than 50,000 kilograms of strawberries per hectare and is the most cultivated variety of Nova Siri Genetics en esta zona del suroeste de España, con un total de 31 millones de plantas que se han cultivado de cara a la actual campaña. As explained by Joaquín Domínguez Nova Siri Genetics, “the exceptional growth of the early varieties developed by this company is based on their wide adaptability in different cultivation systems (conventional, hydroponic, non-disinfected soil and ecological), which allows them to be spread in agricultural environments and production areas in the province of Huelva”.

Joaquín Domínguez, Nova Siri Genetics' Commercial Manager for Spain and Morocco

Joaquín Domínguez also emphasises other aspects of these varieties such as their 'rusticity', as they are resistant to botrytis and other diseases caused by the main fungal pathogens in the soil, bearing in mind the industry’s commitment to the non-disinfestation of the soil. In addition, there is the quality of the strawberries, which is obtained thanks to the excellent organoleptic characteristics of the strawberries, such as aroma, flavour, shape, size, firm flesh and elastic epidermis for a long shelf-life and, of course, earliness thanks to cultivations that guarantee production already in late autumn and early winter.

In this sense, Nova Siri GeneticsNova Siri Genetics' mission, according to Joaquín Dominguez, "is to provide varieties that meet the needs of producers and consumers. For this reason, in the province of Huelva, the company is developing a genetic improvement activity that involves the creation of a participatory variety selection programme, which is a fundamental step in defining the objectives of this action, involving the different participants in the supply chain (scientists, producers, consultants, traders and consumers)". Nova Siri Genetics currently has 10 varieties registered and 2 varieties under registration.

Once again this year, Nova Siri Genetics will open the doors of its research and experimentation centre on a day scheduled for next March, to show news and details of its activities to all stakeholders in the supply chain interested in its activities. The date and programme will be revealed in the coming weeks.