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The Marimbella® variety reaches 500 hectares of production in Huelva and is the fastest growing early strawberry option

February 27, 2024

Huelva, 14 February 2024 - One of the great achievements of the strawberry sector in the province of Huelva has been to anticipate the availability of this fruit on the markets in November and December thanks to the cultivation of early varieties. One of these varieties that is standing out the most is NSG 203-Marimbella®, developed by the company Nova Siri Genetics, which is specialized in the research and experimentation of new strawberry and berries varieties.

After several years of integrating this variety into the strawberry fields of the province of Huelva, NSG 203-Marimbella® has become one of the most reliable choices for combining earliness and quality, standing out for its shape, colour and flavour. The best data demonstrating this strength is the exceptional growth recorded in the province of Huelva.

NSG 203-Marimbella® hydroponic

In particular, in this 2023-2024 campaign, approximately 500 hectares of the NSG 203-Marimbella® variety are in production in the province of Huelva, both in soil and soilless cultivation, with a type of bare root and pot plant (hydroponics), which means an increase of 30% compared to the previous season. In addition to this, an exceptional performance, given that the yield of this variety in the province of Huelva exceeds 50,000 kilograms of strawberries for each hectare cultivated.

The secret of this positive development of NSG 203-Marimbella® is that strawberry growers can obtain a quality fruit in mid-winter that stands out in terms of taste, texture, shelf-life and provides excellent results in terms of quantity and size, thus meeting the high demand generated in Europe.

NSG 203-Marimbella® fruit

In fact, in the province of Huelva, the first strawberries grown with pot plants of the NSG 203-Marimbella® variety arrived on the markets at the beginning of November and, by December, the production was already at full capacity. Another remarkable aspect of this variety is that in the later part of the season, between the months of April and May, it continues to offer truly outstanding yields.

Nova Siri Genetics considers Huelva to be the focal point of the Mediterranean basin and a strategic territory for the growth of its activity of new early varieties of strawberries and berries. Its values include rusticity, with varieties that are tolerant to the main fungal pathogens of the soil and the aerial apparatus; quality, thanks to strawberries with excellent organoleptic characteristics, such as aroma, flavour, shape, size, firm flesh and elastic epidermis for a long shelf-life; and, of course, earliness, thanks to cultivations that guarantee production as early as late autumn and early winter.