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The Marimbella® variety reaches its best productivity records in Huelva, exceeding in April 50,000 kilograms of strawberries per hectare in soil and 68,000 above ground.

April 19, 2024

NSG 203-Marimbella® and NSG 207-Gioelita® stand out for their great performance in terms of production regularity in the current strawberry campaign.

Huelva, 15 April 2024 - Nova Siri Genetics' strawberry varieties are achieving one of the best productivity figures in the industry in the province of Huelva. In the current 2023-2024 campaign, records are being achieved that make it one of the most reliable options for producing companies when it comes to selecting early varieties of strawberries and satisfying market demand starting from the months of November and December and throughout the campaign which will end next June.

Among these early varieties developed by Nova Siri Genetics, NSG 203-Marimbella®, stands out, which is reaching very positive results in Huelva in the current season. In addition to the high ability to combine earliness and quality, shape, color and flavor or a high success rate in the cultivation phase, NSG 203-Marimbella® also stands out for its productivity data, with 50,000 kilograms of strawberries per hectare in soil and 68,000 kilograms per hectare in soilless cultivation, figures reached in mid-April.

These figures refer to the production of first category strawberries (second category fruits, or those destined for industry, are not counted) and the difference in the figures between soil and soilless production is due to the fact that in the latter cultivation system, the density of plants per hectare is higher than in soil production.

The production data of the NSG 203-Marimbella® variety in Spain is even more important if we consider that in the current season the production of strawberries is lower than expected, given that at the end of February, for example, 9% of the total expected production was achieved, instead of reaching 20% ​​of the estimated production.

However, with just over a month and a half to go until the end of the campaign, NSG 203–Marimbella® will exceed the usual productivity of 50,000 kg/ha of first choice fruit, as it currently does not present a state of exhaustion after fruit loads. The variety, in fact, is vegetatively active and balanced, currently showing good flower quality, an indicator that guarantees the achievement of the estimated productions per hectare.

Another variety from Nova Siri Genetics with a growing presence in the province of Huelva is NSG 207-Gioelita®. In this case, the productivity is 27,000 kg of strawberries per hectare in soil and 59,000 kg in soilless cultivation. Data relating to production in pots are also available which, in this case, stands at 33,000 kilograms. Finally, this season, the company also introduced the NSG 465-Rossetta®, variety to Huelva, which is mainly concentrated in the soil cultivation method, where it reaches 26,000 kilograms of strawberries per cultivated hectare.

For Nova Siri Genetics, these results are particularly valuable, as they show that these new varieties give production and marketing companies the security to face the campaign with guarantees of success, offering the market a highly appreciated fruit. In this sense, Joaquín Domínguez, NSG's technical manager in Spain and Morocco, assured that "our company's mission is to provide varieties that meet the needs of producers and consumers. NSG 203–Marimbella®, NSG 207–Gioelita® and NSG 465–Rossetta® offer the sector in the province of Huelva three key values such as rusticity, earliness and high quality”.

Another of the values highlighted by Joaquín Domínguez regarding the NSG strawberry varieties are "their excellent results with respect to water requirements in relation to plant cover, with values well below the 3,300 cubic meters that represent the industry average in terms of accumulated water consumption for irrigation".