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Nova Siri Genetics launches the Varietal Club dedicated to strawberry

February 4, 2021
nova siri genetics - fragole rossetta

From production to marketing, an enhancement project to oversee different market segments starting from the premium brand Rossetta®.

Nova Siri Genetics, a company of Policoro (MT) specializing in research, experimentation and multiplication of new varieties of strawberry is the creator and promoter of the Club Varietal of strawberry, an enhancement project, dedicated to all actors in the supply chain, nurseries, producers and distributors.

Alida Stigliano - Marketing and Communications Manager

The differentiating element of the Club is therefore to develop an offer characterized by brands that identify clear, distinctive positions based on different consumer clusters. The individual brands are united by the values that distinguish Nova Siri Genetics and the Club project in terms of “virtuous supply chain” able to offer productions from the most suitable areas of the Mediterranean Basin, food security, organoleptic quality and sustainability thanks to innovative cultivars with low environmental impact.

The project comes to life in these weeks with the launch of the brand Rossetta®, which identifies the premium range of the Club’s offer, available from January to June. Rossetta®, which currently includes the NSG 120 variety, is distinguished by a high shelf-life, a medium-large caliber, a uniform medium red color, a good texture of the pulp and a high Brix degree. In the coming weeks, a promo-communication campaign will be launched aimed in particular at the B2B target and aimed at developing the reputation and commercial penetration of the premium brand on the domestic market.