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Nova Siri Genetics inaugurates the new Strawberries and Berries Research and Testing Center

April 1, 2022
nova siri genetics - taglio nastro inaugurazione

Both Italian and international guests visiting the Laboratory, the Greenhouse, and the Experimental fields

On Thursday, March 31st, the new Strawberries and Berries Research and Testing Center of Nova Siri Genetics, a company specializing in research activities, experimentation, and multiplication of new varieties of strawberries and small fruits; was officially inaugurated in the presence of local authorities, press and guests.

Many attended, including Italian and Spanish nurseries, together with international guests (Europeans, Australians, and Mexicans), whose presence enhanced the value of a company that, despite being young - it was in fact founded in 2005 - was immediately able to position itself as an international player able to provide timely answers to the world of research on new varieties of strawberries. As a matter of fact, the NSG 120- Rossetta, NSG 207-Gioelita, NSG 203-Marimbella" varieties, all precocious, suitable for mild climates, characterized by rusticity, precocity, and organoleptic qualities, have been receiving excellent feedback from both production and consumers.

The ribbon-cutting, during the inauguration, was carried out by the Business Development Director EMEA Carmela Suriano together with the co-founder of NSG José Miguel Arias, a research pioneer in the world famous strawberry sector. Carmela Suriano insieme al cofondatore di NSG Josè Miguel Arias, pioniere della ricerca nel settore fragolifero di fama mondiale.

From left to right: Rocco Suriano, partner of NSG, Pasquale Casalnuovo, sole director of NSG, Carmela Suriano, director of NSG, José Miguel Arias, co-founder of NSG, and Nicola Tufaro, partner and breeder of NSG.

The institutional moment was followed by the actual visit of the Center. The guests were able to observe the technologies in the Research Laboratory, accompanied by the Manager Giovanna LionettiAmong these, the high innovation rate stands out for the growth test chamber for in vitro culture provided with different types of sensors for the management of environmental parameters and lights with emission spectra specifically designed for strawberry cultivation.

The director of the laboratory Giovanna Lionetti

From the Laboratory, those present moved towards the Growth Greenhouse, technological and avant-garde, a space of 500 square meters divided into six compartments. Here, led by the Breeder Nicola Tufarothey were able to observe the germination of the seeds coming from the controlled crosses and see the obtained seedlings beginning their growth. Guests also visited the Experimental fields adjacent to the Center, 10 thousand square meters of Greenhouse tunnel. “Qui explains Tufaro – he seedlings grown in the Greenhouse are planted. Currently, we have 3000 selections in experimentation in the second year of evaluation, 300 selections in experimentation in the third year of evaluation, 30 selections in experimentation in the fourth year of evaluation and three advanced selections. Consider that in order to create a variety suitable for the market, with the useful characteristics and necessary for its development, even 4000 controlled crosses are needed; it is the Breeder’s expertise that identifies the selection that will be most successful according to our selection parameters".

The breeder Nicola Tufaro

The value of the entire supply chain in the NSG Network

In Basilicata it officially starts a project that, as we have seen, has already crossed national borders: "Our goal is to consolidate the presence in the countries of the Mediterranean basin where our varieties are already present, and to introduce them as well in the other most important international areas, continuing to be the benchmark for all the actors of the supply chain.

or this purpose, we have also launched NSG Network, which involves all players in our industry, with the aim of providing timely responses to both the market and the consumer", concludes the General Manager Carmela Suriano.